Physiotherapy rehabilitation and teaching English post COVID-19


🌷🌷Volunteer Vietnam team cooperating gently with the social workers to provide specific exercise and physiotherapy treatment to gradually help increase their activity of daily living and physical functioning. The physiotherapist will provide them with guidance and instructions for a particular exercise and will monitor the progress made.

🍒To those patients, that have received an indication for physiotherapy, experience a limitation in physical functioning exercise due to the severe pandemic.

🌹Now, it's a promising start to further reach another goal of health improvement and mental development.

🍄We're honor to be here with the patients after covid and again together we can make a greater difference.



VOLUNTEER VIETNAM We are based in Da Nang city, Vietnam. It is close to the World Heritage sites such as: Hoi An ancient town, Hue Imperial City.
Address: 112 Hoang Tang Bi street, Da Nang city, Vietnam