About us


Our mission is  to connect people with locals in need in Vietnam.Our goal is to run an ethical, nurturing volunteer program throughout Vietnam. empowering youth, and providing daily aids to around 1,000 disadvantages who are abandoned children, disabled and homeless people.



Volunteer Vietnam was founded in 2004 by Viet Dang. Viet was a volunteer teacher. During his volunteering, he met and worked with many international volunteers. He saw that the presence of international volunteers is an important support to Vietnam. He decided to set up Volunteer Vietnam in 2004 with hope it help attract more volunteer support to his country. Since then, we have been placing around 2,000 international volunteers in Vietnam. Our operation makes a great social impact on volunteers and the local communities in need in the following ways:

  • Our volunteers have been assiting in daily care, education and health support of disadvantaged people at social support centers and schools. This has been helping the local communities to sort out their social and educational issues 
  • We have been providing both urgent and on-going needs in food, medcines, medical care, education, living shelters, clean water to the social suppot centers and schools
  • We have been giving international volunteers safe, friendly and rewarding volunteer placements. Volunteers have chance to live, work and make new friends and nuture their volunteering spirit. 


We operate to support the social support centers, children homes and disadvantages schools in Vietnam. The centers and schools are for abandoned children, disabled and homeless people. Due to the limited funding and resource, they have been still going without enough supplies and manpower. The centers do not have enough care-givers and the schools do not have enough teachers for their program. Volunteers can come and help hands and share knowledge to improve the situation. Volunteers do not need any special skills to volunteer with us. Whatever you could contribute we would appreciate it very much. 


At Volunteer Vietnam our volunteers are a vital part of the team. We like to think of ourselves as a family working together to achieve our goals. Our support staff is available to assist our volunteers with whatever they need to get the most out of their trip to central Vietnam. Most of them speak excellent English. They able to communicate with you to help you prepare for your trip, pick up and training on your arrival. They help you as translators when you are at the placement sites. They also help you prepare volunteer activities or plan teaching lessons. Some of staff  live in the volunteer houses and will help you with information when needed.

Viet Dang

The Founder


Viet was a volunteer teacher. During his volunteering time, he recognized the value and importance of volunteering. He founded  Volunteer Vietnam in 2004. He is responsible for working with international and local partners to design the volunteer placements. He also helps manage the volunteer programs.

Vy Ngo

Da Nang Program Manager


Vy started working at Volunteer Vietnam in 2014 as a physiotherapist. After years of working for the organization, she has a deep knowledge about the volunteer programs and works as the Manager of the Da Nang program. Vy helps train volunteers about the program and accompanies volunteers to the placement sites to conduct volunteer activities.

Suong Nguyen

Mekong Program Manager


Suong started working at Volunteer Vietnam in 2018 and she has been helping Mr Viet, the founder of Volunteer Vietnam, to further develop the Mekong Delta Program. She also helps with marketing Volunteer Vietnam worldwide. Suong has a background in English and computers.

Ly Nguyen

Volunteer Assistant


Ly started working at Volunteer Vietnam in 2014 as a volunteer assistant and bookkeeper. After years of working for the organization, she also has a deep knowledge about the programs. She helps train volunteers on arrival and accompanies them to placement sites. She lives in the volunteer house in Da Nang and gives support to volunteers while they are staying in the house.

Hien Nguyen

Volunteer Assistant


Hien started working at Volunteer Vietnam in 2017 as an intern. Hien has an English teaching background. She helps train volunteers about English teaching programs and supports volunteers while teaching English. Hien lives in the volunteer house in Da Nang and gives support to volunteers while they are staying in the house.

Huyen Nguyen

Volunteer Assistant


Huyen is a newcomer at Volunteer Vietnam. Huyen is a qualified physiotherapist. She is guiding our volunteers while they are providing physiotherapy to the patients at Mekong Social Support Center. Huyen lives in the volunteer house with the volunteers. She will help prepare meals for volunteers in her free time.

Hai Dang

Cook and Cleaner


Co Hai started working at Volunteer Vietnam since its foundation as a cook and cleaner at the Green House in Da Nang. She is responsible for cooking meals and tidying and cleaning the house.


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill



VOLUNTEER VIETNAM We are based in Da Nang city, Vietnam. It is close to the World Heritage sites such as: Hoi An ancient town, Hue Imperial City.
Address: 112 Hoang Tang Bi street, Da Nang city, Vietnam
Email: info@volunteervietnamdanang.org