1 week Unique Volunteer Program in Mekong Delta

Are you searching for participating in just only a 1-week volunteer program ?

As we mentioned, our Mekong Delta program is new as of 2019. Due to an enormous contribution from the volunteers, we’ve  totally cooperated and conducted a wide range of activities for the past few months ago. Luckily, we’ve just completed a recent 1–week unique volunteer program, which is considered as one of the most memorable and adorable  experiences that the volunteers have ever got. When it comes to discussing the full success of this such an amazing project, we’ve definitely never forgotten a true love and attention from the volunteers, which was Mandy-Dutch volunteer and Marc-Austrian volunteer.


Let's escape from the chaos of the Danang city with Marc and Mandy to join Mekong Delta  in a lovely Vi Thanh city, well-known as the coconut kingdom of Vietnam 🌴🌴🌴🌴🍊🍊. After 1hour flight from the bustle and hustle of Da Nang, we're extremely relaxed by the peaceful atmosphere and the enthusiastic of the local residents. Then, a visit to Hoa Mai's Children Home is absolutely a great choice to start a journey. We have already seen the life of local people by moving quietly through the Mekong River and really admired the beauty of nature here, enjoyed a lot of incredibly delicious local dishes as well as explored the surrounding areas. 😍😍🍤🍤 🌾🌾🍂🍂🏫🏫 ⁣

After all, your volunteering would highly be welcomed and it’s also our great pleasure to support you during the volunteer program. So please, do not hesitate to register our program via Instagram, facebook or other means of communication as well. Specifically, if you’re interested in the program, just a quick click to email us at  to have further information.



( Please note that volunteers can choose more than one program at a time. We will arrange a combination placement for you)




We look forward very much to having you volunteer with us !

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